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Over the years, our office has received many positive comments from those whom we have served. Due to space restrictions, we cannot publish every letter of commendation. Following are excerpts from a few of the letters that we have received over the last few years.

April 2024

“Good Evening Mr. Gegenheimer:
I wanted to let you know about a great experience that I had while getting information on my son’s Passport Renewal and my actual appointment this morning. I called your office (passport department) on Monday to ask about an appointment and a gentleman (do not know his name) was so nice and patient with my questions. He told me the best day and time to come, what I needed, etc. Then when I arrived this morning with my son, a young lady helped us and she was also so nice, as we got all of our documents together. The receipt showed the cashier’s name ( I am assuming it is who helped us) as: amelendez. We were in and out, in no time, but most important, we left with such a great feeling. I explained to my son that the reason that I chose to go to your office was based on how that phone call went on Monday and I just figured that the in person appointment would be good also.
So those two employees deserve to be recognized and let them know that they make a difference in how citizens feel about interaction with parish agencies.
Thank You,”

Steven and Ethan Voorhies

March 2024

“Good morning, I wanted to reach out and express my sincere appreciation for Ms. Cindy Meador. Recently, the Jefferson Parish Planning Department has begun e-filing resubdivisions in an effort to streamline the process for the residents of Jefferson Parish. A Planning staff member, not considering the implications, compressed a survey in order to e-file it, thus changing the scale of the survey from what was represented on the original survey. When it was rejected by the Clerk for e-filing, Ms. Cindy was extremely patient in explaining the myriad issues with this specific case to me in a way that my lawyer/planner brain could understand. Following that, I was able to explain my concerns and what I was hoping to achieve in streamlining this process. Ms. Cindy then worked with me to craft a new process that is still efficient, but maintains the integrity of the original survey. “

“Not only was Ms. Cindy available to walk me through the problem from the Clerk’s point of view, but she actively listened to my concerns/hopes in what I was trying to achieve for the betterment of the citizens of Jefferson Parish from the Planning Department’s point of view. She then took that information and assisted me in finding a workable solution for both parties. I am very grateful for the assistance from your office and so appreciative of Ms. Cindy’s willingness to work with the Planning Department to ensure that, together, we can provide the best service possible to the citizens of Jefferson Parish.”

Bessie L Martin
Director of Planning – Jefferson Parish

February 2024

“My wife, daughter and I came in today to get passports and were lucky enough to have Rachel help us. She was fantastic and extremely helpful in explaining all of the forms, organizing our renewals and filling out the info for our 4 year old. Many govt agencies and depts tend to be impatient and forceful with expectations, that was not the case with Rachel!
We just wanted to make sure positive feedback and compliments got passed along, in a world that too often just complains and demands things.”

Jordan Grace

September 2023

“You guys are simply the BEST of all the clerk’s offices I have dealt with. It has been a consistent experience of professionalism and excellence from my first year of practice, and from intake to docket top to bottom. Please share with Mr. Gegenheimer and staff”

Dan Miranda
Attorney at Law
New Orleans, LA

August 2023

 “As a longtime attorney practicing in Jefferson Parish, I can confidently say that my experiences with the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court’s Office have been exceptionally positive. It is a highly efficient, competent, and friendly place, and their commitment to accommodating both lawyers and the general public is truly commendable.

The employees at the Clerk of Court’s Office are not only incredibly courteous but also well-trained, adhering to Clerk of Court Jon Gegenheimer’s inspiring motto of ‘Public Servants Serving the Public.’ They treat everyone with respect, mirroring the same level of consideration that Mr. Gegenheimer demonstrates in his approach to serving them and their families.

One aspect that sets Mr. Gegenheimer apart as a trailblazer is his introduction of technology to court administration. His innovative JeffNet filing system has significantly simplified the process of filing and examining documents for lawyers and the public alike. My office, along with numerous other legal practitioners, has greatly benefited from his creative efforts, making our work more streamlined and efficient. The positive impact of Mr. Gegenheimer’s initiatives is felt throughout the legal community, and we are grateful for his forward-thinking approach to improving court processes in Louisiana.”

Christine Remy
Attorney at Law
New Orleans, LA

April 2023

 “Thank you, Jon. We appreciate your work and enjoy working with you. The work you do is impressive. We are blessed to have you on our team.”

June Berry Darensburg
24th Judicial Court
Parish of Jefferson

April 2023

 “To the Honorable Clerk of Court, I am Michael Ricci, a practicing attorney in the Greater New Orleans area. I was recently involved in a complicated transaction involving Fuju Oil and the new Avondale facility. The case required a lot of interplay between my office and yours, especially with the Mortgage Department. Your office and its staff were wonderful to work with. They assisted me throughout, helped us gain insight into several issues, and kept us informed during the entire process. The deal will likely result in the creation of many jobs in Jefferson Parish and millions of dollars in additional infrastructure spending in our area. The ability to get this deal done was in no small part made possible by your staff. I look forward to continuing to work with your office into the future.”

Michael S. Ricci
Attorney at Law
New Orleans, LA

March 2023

 “Dear Mr. Gegenheimer: I want to commend your staff at the 24th JDC Clerk’s Office in Gretna. My experiences with your office and staff have been pleasant, professional, and most helpful. In two particular situations, your staff went out of its way to accommodate me in filing very time-sensitive pleadings. I would greatly appreciate your sharing this letter with the men and women of your staff and express to them our thanks and recognition of their great service.”

Samuel J. Accardo Jr.
Attorney at Law
LaPlace, LA

March 2023

 “Dear Mr. Gegenheimer: I want to take a few minutes to recognize your office staff. My practice frequently takes me to First Parish Court and Juvenile Court. The entire staffs there are helpful, pleasant, and efficient. Their names are too many to mention specifically. Earlier today, I went to your office in the Yenni Building to ask questions about renewing my passport. The young lady who served me, Victoria Ruffino, was extremely helpful and patient. She did everything necessary to process my passport application on the spot. It took no more than twenty minutes. I noticed that the other clerk working the counter with Ms. Ruffino was equally helpful to the 3 or 4 customers who arrived while I was there. Please congratulate your employees for me and rest assured that they are providing the public with excellent service.”

Anita McCrossen
Attorney at Law
Metairie, LA

March 2023

 “Good day, Mr. Gegenheimer. This is Eric Malone. Jon Jr. and I were friends at Trinity School. I hope you are doing well. I am writing to express my gratitude for two employees at your office – Ashley and Harold. Long story short, my company is helping one of our employees get a criminal conviction expunged from his record, and I was helping him file the motion at the Clerk of Court’s Office today. Both Ashley and Harlold were very courteous, friendly, and helpful. Because of them, I had a great experience at your office.”

Eric Malone
In House Counsel
Stewart Construction, LLC

September 2022

 “Dear Mr. Gegenheimer, I would like to commend you on the selection, training, and helpfulness of you clerk staff. I highlight Ms. Jamie Plaisance. Every time I have a question or concern at the window, she is there with a prompt and knowledgeable answer or solution. She always serves with a smile. My deepest gratitude to you, your staff, and Ms. Plaisance. I hope this letter makes you and your office feel as good as my team and I do when we’re there.”

Lamont Hills, Esq.
Harvey, LA

June 2022

 “Dear Mr. Gegenheimer, I would like to compliment your Deputy Clerk Heather Boudreaux for her recent, gracious assistance to me. I needed copies of my marriage license, so I got online to your website, filled out the applications, wrote a check, and sent it in. A few days later, Ms. Boudreaux called me, said she couldn’t find our license, asked where it was issued (Baton Rouge), and she explained that the parish of issuance would have it. She then gave me the number to call in East Baton Rouge Parish I was impressed that she took the time to call, solve my problem, give me the correct number to call, and promptly returned my paperwork. She was very professional, helpful, and polite. Please convey my appreciation to her. I assume she is representative of all of your staff, but I know that they seldom get a `Thank you`.”

Jim Wright
Livingston, Texas

May 2022

 “Jon, I am forwarding this email that I just sent to the LSBA. The professionalism and respect exhibited by your clerks is very much appreciated on a daily basis. The kind and caring assistance provided by Venus Sweeny, Nichole Abadie, and Schlise Borne helped to make this event a meaningful and rewarding experience for the St. Michael student. Thank you!”

Steven Enright Jr.
Division ‘N’, 24th JDC
Jefferson Parish

September 2021

 “Stacie [Smith] has been absolutely amazing during the hurricane aftermath. I sent her suggestion dates for upcoming cases, and I know I’m not the only attorney doing that. She has cleared everything with the court and gotten all of the dockets reset. I can barely function given the events of the last three weeks, but Stacie is steam rolling through all of this. I am extremely impressed. I don’t know how she does it. She treats my clients with compassion, which is so needed these days. I just wanted to let you know, because I know most people just complain. She keeps that section running smoothly, and I am so, so grateful for her.”

Autumn Town
Attorney at Law
New Orleans

September 2021

 “Me again. I just wanted to send you a note about Ryan Maldonado, as well. He has really gone above and beyond over the last few weeks to get everything reset for us. The storm has gotten the better of me the last few weeks. And Ryan didn’t even bat an eye. If he can make something work, he will. And he never, ever complains, although sometimes he probably should. He is really wonderful.”

Autumn Town
Attorney at Law
New Orleans

May 2021

 “My husband and I want to express our thanks to you and your employees at the Joe Yenni Building. We got engaged last year and planned a trip to NOLA in April to tie the knot. We had quite the runaround trying to obtain a marriage license from other parishes – enough of a runaround that we lost confidence in actually obtaining a license on our trip. That’s where Jefferson Parish comes to save the wedding weekend!!!! You may never truly understand the blessing you are to us. Thank you so very much!!”

Steven and Melissa Lord

October 2020

 “Jon, I just wanted you to know how impressed I was with the courtesy and professionalism of the Clerk of Court’s Office in the Yenni Building. I needed a copy of a property survey for my daughter. I was assisted by Victoria Faust, who was very efficient in researching this request and locating the needed record. Also, the office work space was clean and well organized. Thank you and your staff for all their efforts and for running such a professional operation.”

Walter Brooks
Regional Planning Commission
New Orleans

September 2020

 “I came to your office in the Joe Yenni Building to file a paid-off mortgage. A gentleman named Paul Fernandez helped me and could not have been more pleasant. He was very patient and looked through my paperwork and got everything done that I needed. It was a great experience. People too often write to complain, but not often enough to compliment.”

Karen Tedesco

May 2020

 “I just wanted to let you know how amazing Stacie [Smith] has been throughout COVID. She has been working closely with us on scheduling and trying to accommodate special filings and hearings. We cannot say enough good things about her. She is always ready, incredibly professional, and really nice.”

Autumn Town
Attorney at Law

March 18, 2020

 “Thank you for all that you and your staff have done to make researching and recording in Jefferson Parish so efficient. Our company does business throughout the state and I can tell you that JeffNet is the standard by which we judge all other online research and filing systems. We especially appreciate it today in light of the current travel restrictions and social distancing protocols. These online services are key to our continued operations in Jefferson Parish. Please pass along these kudos to your staff. I know that a lot of work goes into making things run the way that they do.”

Andrew J. Treuting

June 2019

 “Your employee, Ms. Stacie Smith, has demonstrated extraordinary commitment and a readiness to assist. The prosecution of this case presented many challenges and required many filings that needed immediate processing. Ms. Smith executed her duties with alacrity and accuracy and was quick to identify any deficiencies or errors on our part. Ms. Smith went out of her way to assist us and to ensure that everything was properly and securely filed. We appreciate the hard work of the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court employees and wanted to express our gratitude for Ms. Smith`s exemplary service.”

Matthew Whitworth
Joshua Vanderhooft
Assistant District Attorneys
Jefferson Parish

June 4, 2015

 “As an attorney, I have interacted with many clerks in several parishes over the years and I would like to unequivocally state that Mary “Mim” Barker is one of the best clerks that I have dealt with in my 20 years as a lawyer.  I have been more than satisfied with her response and ability to find the right information for me in both simple and complicated matters.”

Lance J. Robinson, Attorney at Law

April 29, 2015

 “The purpose of this letter is to express my appreciation and thanks to your office for responding to my request for certified copies of interdiction papers.  My recent experiences with your office was one of the best experiences I have had in a long time.”

Newton Ted Buras

April 28, 2015

 “On behalf of the Louisiana Judicial College, I would like to thank you for your presentation at our Spring Conference on improving collections of court costs.  Your participation in the education of the judiciary is important to our mission, and we are grateful for your knowledge and expertise in this arena.”

The Hon. Patricia Koch, Judge, 9th Judicial District Court, Louisiana Judicial College Board of Governors

December 2014

 “The Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court’s Office is the gold standard among court administrative offices throughout the nation.”

Bernette Joshua Johnson
Chief Justice
Louisiana Supreme Court

July 30, 2014

 “I wanted to contact you directly to thank you for having such a wonderful staff. Randi Prisco and Sarah Hassell were more than helpful and went above and beyond to assist me.  I cannot thank them enough for all of their help.  I truly believe you have two wonderful, hard-working employees that provided me with wonderful customer service and respect.  You have great employees and both are very valuable.”

Elizabeth Garren

July 21, 2014

 “Mr. Taulli was awesome.  Here I am calling from out of state, needing help and he solved my problem within 10 minutes.  I certainly appreciate that.  Just wanted you to know that he is a quality employee.”

Jaquita A. Chreene

June 2, 2014

 “I just wanted to say that I appreciate Trich’s extra effort and professionalism.  It is indicative of the great service your office provides with people going ‘above and beyond.’  Please make sure that she knows how much I appreciate the effort and make this letter a part of her personnel file.”

Joseph Neves Marcal, III, Attorney at Law

April 21, 2014

 “I have practiced in may clerk’s offices in Southeast Louisiana and I am writing you to applaud you and your staff, and especially two particular staff people.  Over the years (nearly 25 now), I have been treated with professionalism, courtesy and (importantly) efficiency.  But I am taking the time today to write to you about two particular members of your staff.  One is Alesia “Lisa” LeBoeuf and the other is Elise Wilson of Juvenile Court.

In closing, I will say that all of your staff are courteous to me and others.  It is a pleasure to go to the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court’s Office.  It is an efficient, clean, organized and very well run branch of government.”

Cynthia D. Samuel, Attorney at Law

April 21, 2014

 “I have been known to complain about government service.  In this case, I applaud Ms. Taulli’s professionalism, job performance, and initiative.  My thanks to Ms. Linda Taulli and to you for recognizing your valued employee.”

Mae McClernon

April 2, 2014

 “In connection with the above referenced matter, I had the pleasure of speaking with Terry Phillips.  I am writing to let you know that you have an exceptional employee in Terry.  Her calm, patient manner was a great help.  She went above and beyond the call of duty to help me, which she did efficiently and with good humor.”

Ivette Mora, Secretary to Dennis H. Carriere, Attorney at Law

March 25, 2014

 “Catina Charles is an excellent employee.  She is always willing to assist me and provide accurate information.”

Gaynell Williams, Attorney at Law

January 23, 2014

 “Your staff, specifically Healther – Marriage Records, and Colin Taulli – Information Department, were both very courteous and helpful in retrieving my information.  It is a known fact that employees represent the company, and I am very impressed with your ability to select employees of this caliber.  Having such a good experience with your employees, I will probably be making more visits to your facility.  It is such a pleasure to visit a facility when the workers are genuinely concerned with assisting the customers.”

Rebecca Roussel

December 11, 2013

 “This letter is to inform you of the outstanding service of your employees in the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court’s Office.  It is so common to complain about government workers on every level.  I just wanted to take the time to say something nice about an exceptional employee, Shelby Griffin.  Shelby was extremely helpful as we worked through this maze of complications.  What a pleasant experience to deal with someone who understood what was needed and displayed such patience.”

Charlotte Hackman

September 24, 2013

 “I want you to know that you have three exceptional employees in the Domestic Hearing Officer Section, Karen Vinet, Franchelle Simpson, and Joycie Cardinale.  I have practiced in the 24th Judicial District Court for over twenty years and whenever I have had any dealings with these three employees, they have provided me with competent, efficient and courteous service.  I have called them with problems that have arisen and they are always pleasant to speak with and are always a great help.  They are a credit to your office.”

Betsy A. Fischer, Attorney at Law

May 20, 2013

 “Recently Linda Brockhoeft, one of your clerks, rendered extraordinary service to me which prompts me to write this letter to you.  It is times like these when attorneys truly appreciate the effort made by the clerks to make sure that the court system runs as efficiently as possible.  It is just further evidence of a great clerk’s office.”

Leigh Traverse, Attorney at Law

December 12, 2012

 “Thank you for an excellent job!  I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the outstanding care I received from your department and particularly your employee Gabby Bergman.  She diligently searched and found the case documents that proved my findings and helped my client prevail at a very crucial court hearing.  I have been a licensed investigator for 25 years and have dealt with many clerk employees all over the country.  I can safely say that Gabby is one of the best employees you have because she is one of the best that I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  Her efforts were outstanding and most appreciated.  Her kind manner and professionalism really impressed me.”

Mark J. Imfeld

December 10, 2012

 “I have had the privilege of appearing before Judge Robert Murphy in Division “D” on numerous occasions.  His civil minute clerk, Ms. Madeline “Maggie” Robichaux and his criminal minute clerk, Ms. Michelle Pere, have been outstanding representatives of your office.  They have always been eager to assist me in respect to any problems that existed in any case.  Their diligence and competence reflect very favorably on you.”

Michael A. McNulty, Jr., Attorney at Law

October 26, 2012

 “I would simply like to take this opportunity to commend your office, in particular Ms. Shelly Adams, for the efficient, friendly and professional manner in which it conducts itself.  I handle cases all over the state of Louisiana as well as other jurisdictions and rarely, if ever, do I have the chance to associate with such a knowledgeable and helpful individual.”

Paul H. Villalobos, Attorney at Law

June 2012

 “I just wanted to take a moment to share with you the exemplary actions of one of your great employees.  Gina Victoriano went, would I consider, above and beyond the call of duty in assisting me with a situation.  The system needs more employees like Ms. Victoriano.  I find it rare to find someone that is capable and willing to go the distance when confronted with any type of problem or situation.  However, Ms. Victoriano was capable and willing.”

R. Clark

May 21, 2012

 “As in the past, when Jim Marvin was unavailable to be in court during my criminal docket weeks, your staff has arranged for a “fill-in.”  I have been incredibly fortunate in having as a fill-in on two or three occasions Pat Barras.  Her expertise and quality in the handling of a criminal docket along with the many entries she must make both digital and otherwise will always be welcomed in my division.”

The Hon. Ross P. LaDart, Judge, 24th Judicial District Court, Division “O”

April 5, 2012

 “Today I had the pleasure of being assisted by Mr. Robert Hannan and Mr. Clem Delger of your office.  They were extremely kind, courteous and most helpful in helping me find and copy old records.”

Louis B. Merhige, Attorney at Law

March 9, 2012

 “I have been filing pleadings in person and by mail with your office for over 30 years.  And, as I have worked for the regional child support office for more than 20 years, the contacts personally and through my staff attorneys are many and frequent.  In addition, I have called often with questions regarding filings, hearing dates, service of process, etc.  In all of that time your office and staff have never been anything but polite, professional and helpful.  Never a rude word, never a sigh of impatience.  Always helpful.  Please pass along my thanks for jobs well done to your entire staff.”

George J. Higgins, Jr., Attorney Supervisor, La. Dept. of Children and Family Services Child Support Enforcement Section

March 1, 2012

 “I want to convey my compliments to the clerk of court for developing a world-class remote access system.  I am continually amazed by the amount of information that is available through JeffNet.  The service, which also is easy to use, has made my business easier and my employees and me more productive.”

James Barkate, President, Southern Abstracts, Inc.

October 15, 2011

“I would like to say that I have been really impressed with Patricia Badalamenti in her work ethic and professionalism over the years.  I have practiced in Second Parish Court for over ten years and whenever I have had any dealings with Ms. Badalamenti, I have been more than satisfied with her response and ability to find the right information for me in both simple and complicated matters.”

Lance J. Robinson, Attorney at Law

October 5, 2011

 “I am writing to compliment your First Parish Court deputy clerk Ms. Lisa Tuyes.  I am a relative newcomer to practice in First Parish Court.  Ms. Tuyes has kindly provided me with excellent customer service and assistance with two recent matters.”

Molly K. Vigour, Attorney at Law

The Times-Picayune, Letters to the Editor, August 30, 2011

 “I want to thank Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court Jon Gegenheimer for making my one-day jury duty enjoyable. The jury lounge, with its comfortable chairs, television and computer tables, made the day painless for me. The clerks were knowledgeable, kind and accommodating.  I was selected to sit on a jury (first time for me) and found it to be interesting and rewarding. Taking a day off from the normal routine was not bad at all.”

Lisette V. Turpin, Metairie

August 3, 2011

 “I am writing because I find that your staff is always highly professional and helpful. I particularly want to commend Ms. Jaime Plaisance. She is always courteous, friendly, and very helpful. I appreciate her efforts and wish to let you know how positively she reflects upon you.”

Bruce Netterville, Attorney at Law

May 26, 2011

 “Jon is an amazing public official! As Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court, his office is one of the best run in the state, his employees are friendly, efficient, and competent, and he is extremely accessible. As an elected official myself, as well as an attorney, I feel very fortunate to have Mr. Gegenheimer as Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court.”

Louisiana State Senator Julie Quinn

April 19, 2011 

 “My name is Dawn Irving and I am taking the time again to write about one of your employees with the Clerk of Court, Robin Deeters. Ms. Deeters has always been a true asset to your clerk of court’s office. It is a blessing to have such a dedicated employee working for you who knows her job and does it extremely well!”

Dawn Irving

April 11, 2011  

 “Matt Toups has been working with the Jefferson Parish Intensive Probation Drug Court office for approximately 1 year. In the last year, Matt has worked well with all members of the Drug Court team. Because of Matt’s devotion to his job and genuine interest in the success of the Drug Court program, there is a cohesive relationship between Drug Court and the Clerk of Court’s office. We sincerely appreciate all of his effort and support over the last year.”

Belinda C. Constant, Administrator 24th Judicial District Court Intensive Probation Drug Court

March 28, 2011 

 “Earlier this month I needed to obtain certified copies of a 1964 document from your office. From the first telephone call I made until I received the certified copies a few days later, I can only describe the service as ‘amazing’. Each person I spoke to was courteous, knowledgeable, professional, and went out of their way to help. Several things stood out in these telephone conversations. First, each person answered his of her phone when it rang. That made an instant positive impression, as it is so rare in this age of voicemail and automated telephone response systems.”

William H. Stanton

December 18, 2010

 “As an active user of the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court Office for more than 30 years, including the last 22 years when it has been under the leadership of Clerk of Court Jon Gegenheimer, I feel compelled to respond to recent media coverage regarding his office. Jon Gegenheimer has established the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court office as the premier leader of custodianship of public records in the state of Louisiana. His innovations in court administration, election administration and land records management, all done in the interest of the public he serves, have helped saved thousands of dollars in costs to those who make use of his office’s services. Through effective use of filing fees, Jon Gegenheimer implemented his seven-point plan for reform. Adapting to the information age, he implemented the most advanced electronic imaging and retrieval system in the state. Without his strict fiscal reform and wise use of pubic filing fees, none of these services would have been possible. With the current crisis in Orleans Parish Civil District Court, Jon Gegenheimer was the first clerk of court to lend his resources, as well as the expertise of his office, to help recover valuable public records. Jon Gegenheimer is a public servant dedicated to serving those who elected him, and he demonstrates this by wise use of his office finances.”

James B. Barkate, President, Southern Abstracts Inc., Gretna

December 5, 2006

 “I have been the Chief Disciplinary Counsel in the State of Louisiana for over ten years now and in that capacity I have had the opportunity to interact personally or through staff with virtually every Clerk of Court’s office across the State. As one might expect, some are run more professionally and diligently than others. Your clerk’s office ranks among the highest in the State. In particular, I would like to take a moment to mention Ms. Kim Garland, Docket Clerk for Sections D, E, F and K. Routinely, my office requires assistance in locating records of both a civil and criminal nature, and in following-up on motions filed with your office. Consistently they report back to me that but for the efforts of your staff, including Ms. Garland, their jobs could not be accomplished as efficiently as our duties require. The purpose of this letter is simply to say thank you and to apprise you, although I am sure you are already aware, of what a valuable employee you have in Ms. Garland.”

Charles B. Plattsmier

July 8, 2002

 “My family and I would like to thank you once again for your care and understanding on Monday, April 29. Everyone helped us and I will never forget their help and kindness to us. Our deepest thanks to Jon A. Gegenheimer, Judge Robert Murphy, Sherry, and Susan.”

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Roberts, Brett C. Roberts

May 13, 2002

 “Thanks to you and of course a special thanks to all of your employees who [make] my job so much easier.”

The Hon. Jo Ellen Grant, Judge, 24th JDC, Division I

April 30, 2002   

 “In almost 40 years of practicing law in the parish, I have never dealt with such pleasant, knowledgeable and willing clerk-of-court team. Your leadership as the Clerk of Court sets Jefferson apart and way ahead of most parishes in the state and I want you to know I appreciate the professionalism of your office and positive attitude of your personnel.”

John G. Villarrubia

April 18, 2002

 “I want to commend you on having a staff of very competent, efficient and courteous employees. I am an attorney, but am not actively practicing. It has been years since I have gone to the Courthouse in Gretna until today. I had to file a petition to change a name. In spite of all the fears I had, things worked out extremely well. Your staff left me with a smile on my face.”

Senator George T. Oubre

March 28, 2002

 “Just recently I was appointed to the position of Manager of Riverside Court Condominiums. One of my duties is the filing of liens against condos on which the owner has failed to keep the fees and assessments current. I spoke with Brian Freese of your East Bank office concerning procedures, etc. Mr. Freese was extremely helpful and very professional. Upon arrival at the East Bank office I found the staff to be as helpful and professional as Mr. Freese.”

William Brucker

March 22, 2002  

 “In this hectic world we live in we very rarely take time to compliment people for a job well done. As you know, I have been selling real estate for many years and have had many occasions to visit both your 3rd floor [mortgage & conveyance] office and copy center on Huey P. Long Ave. Your staff is the most efficient and friendly group of people that I have had the pleasure to work with.”

Brant Larrimer

December 20, 2001

 “I would like to compliment you and your staff for the excellent manner in which I was treated yesterday. I reported for jury duty as directed, but at approximately 10:00 A.M., I received a call from my wife concerning a family emergency. Her father went into a coma after being in ICU with cancer for the past three weeks. I was excused without the hassle of proving any of the above. The warm consideration of the circumstances at the time gives extra meaning to the season of giving we are in at present.”

Nathan F. Simoneaux, Jr.

October 18, 2001   

 “I wanted to bring to your attention the great attitude and wonderful assistance that I have experienced in your courthouse record rooms. You should also be aware of the exceptional service I receive from everyone at the Fourth Street records room, everyone at the Barbar Building and everyone at the Madison Street warehouse. I am looking forward to working with these people for years to come!”

Karen H. Myers

March 31, 2001

 “In my experience as a criminal trial and appellate attorney, I have many opportunities to work with different clerk offices all over the State obtaining materials for research purposes. In my opinion, [you have] one of the finest closed records departments within the state…Not only friendly and congenial, but competent and assisting. I never have to wait more than 2 – 3 minutes to request a closed file record.”

Kevin V. Boshea

January 24, 2001

 “As you know, I recently took office as a Judge in the Court of Appeal. I had served as Judge of Division A of the 24th Judicial District Court since May of 1995. I wish to thank [your staff] for untiring efforts in making the system work. These unselfish and dedicated people worked long hours without complaint…”

The Hon. Walter J. Rothschild, Judge, Louisiana 5th Circuit Court of Appeal

December 7, 2000

 “I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the outstanding service we received from your civil processing department. Each time we required documents to be filed…we addressed our requests to [your staff] and each time the requests were handled in an extremely efficient, prompt and courteous manner.”

Laura C. Poche

November 14, 2000

 “It was a pleasure meeting you today. You and your co-workers are so pleasant and helpful, particularly with someone who is unfamiliar with the intricacies of your system. I appreciate your patience and kind assistance!”

Anita S. McCrossen

August 24, 2000

“As an attorney, I recently had the opportunity to deal with your office and I wanted to let you know that your staff was very efficient and courteous…I want to commend your office for having such capable employees.”

Abraham Gerber

August 16, 2000   

 “I needed information regarding a suit and was put in touch with Terry Guidry in Records…I would like to say that Terry was so helpful and gracious in helping me get the information…She made my job easier and I was able to get the information in a timely manner.”

Janet N. Meyer

July 18, 2000

 “Monday I journeyed in this heat to obtain a document I needed on a sale of property at Grand Isle in 1982. I must tell you that your people were so kind and helpful that it made my day…All of your employees seem to be very happy in their work and I appreciate their kindnesses to me. I was back home in no time with fond memories of nice people in a busy world.”

R. Gibbens Robichaux