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JeffWatch Property-Alert System

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JeffWatch is a free online subscription service provided by the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court. It monitors names recorded in the Mortgage and Conveyance offices to notify you of possible fraudulent recording activity.

Property and identity fraud are becoming nationwide problems. Scammers who file fake deeds can appear to own property and can fraudulently sell, mortgage, rent, or otherwise affect the property without the knowledge of the true owner.

By signing up for the FREE Clerk’s property alerts, you will receive an email alert within 24 hours of a document’s verified recordation in Jefferson Parish.

Click HERE to view a recent WWL news story about a man in New Orleans that lost his home to property fraud.

  • How do fraudulent documents get recorded?
    • The Clerk of Court’s Office is statutorily obligated to record documents that meet the requirements authorized by law. If a document is properly executed and presented with payment, it is the responsibility of the Office to record the document.
  • Is there a fee to subscribe to the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court’s Property Alerts?
    • No, it is a free service.
  • Can I sign up and monitor filings even if I don’t own property?
    • Yes. Once you register any name you choose, you will receive an email whenever a document is recorded into Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court’s official records in that name.
  • Does this service alert me of documents being recorded in other parishes?
    • No. You will only receive an email when a document is recorded in Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court’s official records.
  • How many names and/or addresses can I enter?
    • You can enter up to 5 name variations and 5 property addresses per e-mail account.
  • My personal or business name is often spelled many ways. How should I enter it?
    • To receive broader search results, it is recommended to use the least amount of characters in your search. For example, entering “Ed” will return results for: “Ed”, “Eddie”, “Eddy”, “Edward”, etc. For a business, entering “First” will yield “First American”, “First American Title”, “First Bank”, “First Bank and Trust”, etc.
  • My name is very common. Will I receive notifications that belong to someone else?
    •  It is possible to receive an email alert that may belong to another person with the same name. The email will provide you with information about the document recorded in the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court’s office. With a JeffNet subscription, you can use the information in the JeffWatch email to find and view the document.
      If you are not a JeffNet subscriber, you can sign up for 24 hour access HERE.
      If you have a problem in registering for a JeffNet regular subscription or the 24-hour access option, call the Clerk of Court’s IT Department at (504) 364-2976.
  • How do I edit or cancel my Property Alert subscription?
    • To change your property alert subscription, simply go to the subscription page where you registered, enter your email address; and we will send you an access code to edit your information.