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Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court

Mortgage & Conveyance/UCC


All mortgage and conveyance, partnership, charter, mineral, and other records are available for public examination and research.  Information clerks are available to assist with the operation of public computers and research of hard-copy materials.  Clerks are also available to make copies of documents.


The office records all real estate transfers, mortgages, liens, judgments, etc. affecting all property located in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.  Additionally, the office records the parish’s military discharges, medical certificates, corporation charters and partnerships, business trade name affidavits, and documents concerning oil and gas or other mineral leases and interest transfers and liens. E-recording is a convenient method of filing documents with the clerk of court’s office; more than 35% of all documents are received electronically.

Mortgage Cancellations

The office cancels mortgages, liens, judgments, etc. upon production of a properly executed release document.  It also provides assistance for cancellation of property bonds and bond forfeitures and the cancellation of inscriptions by prescription.  The office issues notices of cancellation of cancelled mortgage inscriptions.


The clerk of court is responsible for the maintenance and preservation of all documents filed with the office.  All documents are digitally imaged after initial recordation, and those images are preserved with multiple copies of archival-quality microfilm or blu-ray non-rewriteable media using procedures and processes approved by the Louisiana Secretary of State.  Since 1992, the clerk of court has imaged more than 125 million pages of documents.  The clerk’s data are backed up throughout the workday onto live servers at an out-of-state disaster recovery site and daily with magnetic media tapes, of which there are multiple copies stored in locations away from the main computer lab and at the Louisiana State Archives in Baton Rouge.