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Jefferson Parish Clerk of CourtJefferson Parish Clerk of Court Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court


We offer these forms for your convenience and to save you a trip to one of our facilities. They are intended only as samples and for use by qualified notaries or attorneys only, who can best acknowledge the effectiveness or legality of the forms’ language. The clerk of court’s office is prohibited by law from providing legal advice or assistance with the completion of any of these or other forms. All documents must be submitted with the appropriate fees. Consult the Fees page for the applicable charges.

These forms may be retyped to suit specific circumstances; however, all of the language in them and the information requested in the blanks, is required.

All promissory notes and releases submitted for cancellation must be accompanied by a Request to Cancel Inscription(s) form complete with MOB & Folio and/or Instrument Number and name and address of party requesting cancellation.

Cancellations filed in Jefferson Parish must be in authentic form: executed before a Notary Public and signed by the affiant and two witnesses of lawful age. The orders to cancel judgment of bond forfeiture and to cancel property bond must be originally signed by a judge of the 24th Judicial District Court.