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Mortgage Inscription Cancellation Manual

Download the Mortgage Release/Cancellation Manual [Revised August 1, 2017] HERE. Fillable PDF forms also are available on the Forms page of this web site:  The clerk of court accepts documents for recording in the mortgage and conveyance records and requests to cancel mortgage inscriptions via JeffNet, the clerk’s remote access service.  For more information on JeffNet, go to

From time to time, I have received questions from the Bar about the mortgage cancellation and release procedures of this office. The purpose of this manual is to put everyone on the same page, and to afford quicker resolution of release issues. I have attempted to assemble all of the statutes to which we customarily refer and have included all of the release and cancellation forms which may be accessed via the office’s web site. My deputy clerks in the mortgage cancellation department will have this manual at their side and are happy to assist anyone with release questions.

I am astounded by the complexity of the laws governing this part of the clerk’s office. That is why I directed the assembly of this manual. When you speak with my deputy clerks, and you have the manual at your side, you may work easily with my clerks to review the correct statute and sample form.

This manual is a work in progress. Feel free to let me know of additional statutes which you think may be appropriate to add and send me your “strange duck” forms which you believe may suffice for releases and cancellations in odd situations. We always have room for improvement.

I want all Louisiana clerks of court to be the most efficient in the country, and I sincerely value input from you who use this manual.

Best regards, Jon A. Gegenheimer, Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court

If you have questions, you may contact: Cynthia L. Meador, Supervisor, Mortgage & Conveyance, (504) 364-2950 •, or the Mortgage Cancellation Department • (504) 364-2963 or (504) 364-2964

The clerk of court offers this Mortgage Inscription Cancellation Manual as a guide to laws and forms applicable to mortgage inscription cancellation in Louisiana. The clerk refers to and follows these regulations when accepting for filing and/or recording mortgage inscription releases. The manual is not intended as a definitive explanation of all laws and forms that may be used for mortgage inscription cancellation, and it should be used only qualified notaries public and attorneys. Citations provided in the Manual were researched using the Louisiana Legislature web site.