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How Your Filing Fees are Apportioned

By law, the clerk of court collects all civil court costs, serving as the collection agent for the courts, the sheriff (as agent of service), the parish, and the state supreme court. We thus provide a service not only to those agencies, but to litigants as well: The procedure allows attorneys to write one check instead of several for each case. Of the costs collected, this office receives for itself only a small portion (20% – 21%) of the initial filing fee.

Rest assured that I share your concern about the potential for rising court costs and will do everything I can to control them. The statute that provides for the clerk of court’s civil fee schedule was last revised by the Louisiana Legislature in 2006.

Yours truly,
Jon A. Gegenheimer
Clerk of Court, Jefferson Parish

The advance-deposit, $410.00 filing fee for an ordinary suit for damages is distributed as follows to the following agencies:

Stenographers [La. R.S. 13:967(I)] to Jefferson Parish $50.00
Judicial Expense Fund [La. R.S. 13:994(A)] to 24th Judicial Administrator $25.00
Legal Assistance Program (to Court) [La. R.S. 13:1911] to 24th Judicial Administrator $9.50
La. Judges’ Supplemental Compensation Fund [La. R.S. 13:10.3(C)] to La. Supreme Court $27.50
Agent of Service $40.00
Supreme Court Judicial College [La. R.S. 13:126.1] to La. Supreme Court $0.50
Judicial Building Fund [La. R.S. 13:995.1(A)] to Jefferson Parish $49.00
Supreme Court Civil Case Reporting (to Court)[La. R.S. 13:4688(B)] to La. Supreme Court $5.00
Supreme Court Civil Case Reporting (to JP Clerk)[La. R.S. 13:4688(B)] retained by JP Clerk $5.00
Supreme Court Reporting (to JP Clerk)[La. R.S. 13.841.1] retained by JP Clerk $1.50
Legal Assistance Program (to JP Clerk) [La. R.S. 13:1911] retained by JP Clerk $0.50
*Advance Deposit (Refundable/Held for Future Filings-varies) $120.00
Total  $410.00
(Based on a typical Petition for Damages with 1 service and petition of average length)
*Any unused portion of this deposit is refunded at the termination of the litigation.

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