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Filing Civil Documents Electronically
in the 24thJudicial District Court
Attorney Registration and Conditions of Use

General Information

Members of the Louisiana Bar Association who practice in the 24th Judicial District may take advantage of the civil e-filing capabilities that are now available to JeffNet subscribers.

E-filing allows attorneys of record to file a new petition or submit a filing on an existing case.  E-filing is one of the choices available on the sidebar after you log on to JeffNet.

You log on to our e-fling system using your attorney bar roll number, and a separate password that you select and control.  As the registered e-filer, password security is your sole responsibility.  Acknowledging that the Clerk of Court bears no responsibility for security breaches is a condition of use.

To e-file, you specify a case, the litigant for whom you are filing, and the type of filing.  Additional detailed information concerning the litigants, the type of case, and the number of services is required when you file a new case.

The documents that you submit with your e-filing must be in PDF format, the standard for e-filing in most jurisdictions, including the federal courts. E-filed PDF documents must be sent unlocked because we time stamp each document page before writing it to our image database.

When the filing is accepted, the e-filing system calculates the cost of the filing, verifies your credit, prepares a charge to your JeffNet account, if necessary, and prompts you to submit the filing or cancel it.

When JeffNet acknowledges receipt of an e-filing it is immediately date and time stamped.  If the e-filing is a new case, allotment is also immediate.

An electronic filing most closely resembles a fax filing but there are significant advantages.  Since the e-filing is considered to be the original, and payment is immediate, the transaction is complete when the system accepts it.

Other Terms and Conditions

Although the clerk strives to have JeffNet on-line 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, there will be times when JeffNet is unavailable. The Clerk Of Court will not be a party to any dispute arising from an attorney’s failure to make a timely filing.

E-filing allows attorneys and their designees to interact directly with the 24th civil case management system.

Sealed documents may not be e-filed.

Autopay Feature

Autopay allows attorneys to view all of their 24th JDC civil cases and designate some or all of them for automatic payment.  The designation can apply to any case, whether e-filed or not. If a charge to a designated case exceeds the available balance, your JeffNet account will be charged automatically for the deficient amount.  Autopay is a powerful feature that eliminates the need to write checks and reduces trips to the courthouse.

Charge Notification and Reporting

Immediate notification of every automatic charge is sent to your e-mail address. These charges are included in a comprehensive month-end summary report of your charges that is also sent via e-mail.  The report lists the deposits and charges for each designated case in case number order.