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Fax Filing Guidelines

The clerk of court accepts fax filing of any pleading pursuant to La. R.S. 13:850. Note that a “receipt of transmission” must be transmitted by the clerk to the sender in order to complete the filing, and that the original pleading and appropriate fees must be forwarded to the clerk of court (meaning, per La. Supreme Court opinion, placed in the mail) within seven days (exclusive of legal holidays) of the fax transmission along with the applicable filing fee and five-dollar transmission fee.

One facing a prescription or other deadline is encouraged to retain proof of date the documents and fees were mailed to the clerk of court’s office.

24th Civil Filings should be faxed to (504) 364-3780. Fax filings can be emailed to Emailed faxes should contain a single PDF attachment containing all pages for the filing. If there is a problem transmitting to that number, fax to (504) 364-2988. Use the latter number only if there is a problem with the prior number.

24th Criminal Filings should be faxed to (504) 364-3797.

***Pleadings and other documents intended for filing, or which must be entered into the record (ex. a request for or notice of continuance of a matter, notice of settlement of a case, etc.), must be faxed to the clerk of court, not to the judges or the judicial administrator.***