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Technology Initiatives Announced

In an ongoing effort to improve services and to make doing business with the clerk of court’s office easier, Jon Gegenheimer announces additional new technology-based initiatives that will provide anytime, anywhere access and make it more convenient for the public to interact with the clerk’s office. 

Recognizing that more and more people use mobile devices to get news and information, Mr. Gegenheimer is excited to launch over the next few weeks mobile applications that will provide services and data to citizens with smart phones (iPhones, Androids, and BlackBerries) or tablets such as iPads.

Starting with the October 22, 2011 election, citizens will be able to view real-time election results using mobile devices through a first-in-the-nation mobile app (downloadable at no charge from Apple’s app store), via e-mail alerts, and on the clerk’s redesigned web site, optimized for mobile-device use.

Other new mobile apps will give citizens the ability to: reschedule jury service, apply for the age 70-and-over permanent exemption from service, and if summoned, verify the need to appear for jury service; and access docket information, forms, fee schedules, and office contacts.

Citizens may also register on the clerk’s web site for JeffAlerts, e-mail notices providing updated election results.  Each alert will identify 1) the new precincts reporting, 2) the total number of precincts that have reported, 3) the percent of total precincts that have reported, 4) the updated vote total for each candidate/proposition, and 5) each candidate’s/proposition’s percent of the total votes reported.

The public and legal community can also sign up for JeffAlerts to: track cases in the civil and criminal courts with e-mail notification whenever there is case activity; and to receive e-mail notices of public change orders filed in the mortgage records by governmental entities.

All of the above services are offered to all citizens free of charge.

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Throughout my years as clerk of court, I’ve been committed to transforming the way we operate to improve the services we provide to the citizens, the courts and the legal community.  We will continue to be citizen-centric, and to apply emergent technologies to increase operational efficiencies and ensure a transparent, accountable, and productive office dedicated to superior customer service.