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Disaster Recovery Plan

Gegenheimer at the DR Site

The clerk of court has preserved the parish’s land, UCC, court, and marriage-index records by preserving them in digital format, where they can be accessed by subscribers through a number of electronic-access devices. Documents may be filed electronically, as well.

Over 80 million pages of documents are electronically stored in the clerk’s digital database, where they are secure and immune to natural disaster, fire, vandalism, alteration, and forgery. The number of electronically stored documents grows daily. The clerk of court has servers in (1) its secure, state-of-the-art, climate controlled computer lab on the sixth floor of the Jefferson Parish Administration Building and (2) a remote, secure facility in Fort Worth, Texas. This redundancy feature assures that records will be accessible in the event of a disaster or other catastrophic event at the Administration Building. The probability of disasters or mishaps at both facilities is remarkably slim.

Servers at the DR Site

             In addition to the server redundancy described above, the clerk of court maintains all of its digitized records on archival-quality microfilm and on magnetic tape, which are additional record back-up formats. Two duplicate sets of microfilm and magnetic tape are stored in secure, climate-controlled facilities in Gretna and Baton Rouge. These additional layers of redundancy make the records even more secure.