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Public Service Recognition Week

Both Pres. Obama and Gov. Jindal have declared May 1-7 to be Public Service Recognition Week, a week that’s been celebrated in the U. S. for the past 26 years.  It’s a time set aside to honor the men and women who serve our citizens as government employees. And it’s a time to engage the people we serve in conversations about what we do as public employees, why we do it, how well we do it, and, importantly,  how we can do better.

Throughout the nation, public servants take this occasion to educate others about the work they do and why they’ve chosen public service careers, as well as about the many ways government services make life better for all of us. So, during this week, the Jefferson Clerk of Court’s Office will join other public servants in working to open new avenues of communication with our public about the essential value of government in improving and sustaining the quality of life in America and in Jefferson.

Now – more than ever – it is crucial that we as leaders cultivate a robust, ongoing dialogue with those we serve.  As leaders, we must always have a fresh, ideally real-time, perspective on the most important issues and challenges facing our constituents in their daily lives.

In turn, the body politic needs to know that we are here to serve – every day; that our concern for Jefferson is constant, not transient; and that, for us as leaders, all of this is about making Jefferson a better place to live.  We at the Clerk’s office will take this week to even further reinforce these messages and to celebrate the relationship our employees have worked tirelessly to develop with those they serve.

We’ll use this week to celebrate the years of exemplary, effective, efficient service to the citizens of Jefferson by the Clerk of Court employees, and as a springboard for on-going initiatives to help accomplish the goals set-forth for Public Service Recognition Week.

The goals are to connect citizens to work of their government, to improve the perception and morale of public servants, and finally, to inspire a new generation of public servants.

THE HOPE IS THAT THOSE WE SERVE WILL BETTER UNDERSTAND how government workers positively affect all of us every day, that we need our citizens to help us address the incredible challenges we face in the public sector, that deserving public servants should be recognized for providing essential services, for improving customer service and for building bridges between government and citizens in a rapidly changing technological environment, and that, above all else…government service is public service.

As we turn our attention to the back half of 2011 and beyond, we all know that we still have a great deal of work to do on behalf of our citizens, and I am both humbled by and enthusiastic about leading this extraordinary team of supervisors as we move forward with our work.

During the week of May 1-7, the clerk of court will show his appreciation to his employees with balloons and other fun activities.  The 259 full-time employees of the Clerk’s office, outstanding men and women who work every day to assist the general public and the legal community, have three thousand, three hundred and thirty-eight years of collective public service to our citizens, with three thousand and fifteen of them as part of the Gegenheimer administration.

These numbers represent deep expertise and office stability.  But more importantly, the people who have acquired this experience and give the office stability remain energetically committed to continuous improvement to better serve the public, to constantly developing progressive means and methods, and to creating innovative approaches so that our clerk’s office remains at the edge-of-the-wedge of world-class public service…. The exact kind of public service that needs to be celebrated.

Please join me in thanking these government employees for their dedicated public service to the citizens of Jefferson Parish.

Jon A. Gegenheimer


Marriage Department, 6 years of service


24th JDC Civil Records Dept., 12 years of service


24th JDC Civil Records Dept., 24 years of service


Jury Pool, 28 years of service


2nd Parish Court, 12 years of service


Juvenile Court, 5 years of service


Mortgage & Conveyance Dept., 35 years of service


1st Parish Court, 4 years of service