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Jeffnet Service Agreement

Jon A. Gegenheimer
JEFFERSON PARISH CLERK OF COURTInformation Systems Department
P.O. Box 10
Gretna LA 70054-0010
(504) 364-2908


JeffNet is an Internet service sponsored by the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court that allows access to real property, civil, criminal, and other public records maintained by the Clerk of Court’s Office. The service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, except for periodic web-site maintenance.

JeffNet Internet service is offered by subscription only, and the sole means of payment is by major credit card.  For security, the Subscriber will provide their credit card number only to the Clerk’s fiscal intermediary.  The Clerk’s Office will have no access to it.

The Subscriber may have one or more user IDs.  The Clerk’s Office will assign each user ID a starting password.  Before gaining access to the Clerk’s records, the Subscriber must change the starting password to one of their own choosing.

Hardware and Software Requirements

JeffNet requires a personal computer running Windows 98 / ME / NT / 2000 or XP, Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher, an Internet service provider, and an e-mail address for notification purposes.  System performance is best with newer PCs, later versions of Windows, and broadband Internet access.

Schedule of Fees

Set-up Fee New Subscribers $100 one-time
 JeffNet Subscriber Fee  $50 per month per user ID
(If your subscription starts after the 15th
this charge is $25 for the first month)
Credit card transaction fees  included
 Mortgage & Conveyance, Civil, and Criminal Documents
(This is the same charge as the current, on-site copy charge.)
 50 cents per printed page

Connect Time

The Clerk’s Office does not plan to charge for connect time.  To preserve security, users will be logged off JeffNet after extended periods of inactivity.  A user who is logged off may log on again.

Billing for Service

Each subscriber will be assigned an advance-deposit amount based on anticipated monthly charges.  The amount will be $100 for most subscribers.  The $50 base-monthly fee will be charged on the first day of each month.  When a subscriber’s account balance falls below twenty (20) percent of their advance deposit amount, a new advance deposit amount will be charged to their credit card, and that amount will be added to their JeffNet account balance.

At the end of each month, a summary of charges and credit card transactions will be e-mailed to each subscriber. JeffNet will provide a feature to allow a subscriber to view the details of these charges and the option to print them free of charge.

Other Subscriber Contact

E-mail will be the Clerk’s primary method of communicating other important information.  The Subscriber provides their e-mail address on this application and is responsible for notifying the Clerk of any changes.   Subscribers may communicate with the Clerk’s Office using the “contact us” section of the JeffNet web site.

Additional Terms and Conditions

Approval of this application for JeffNet Internet service requires that all receivables due the Clerk for the current JeffNet services are paid in full.

The Subscriber assumes the responsibility for insuring that the Clerk’s data that is viewed or printed is used for legitimate purposes and that the security and privacy of the parties included therein is not compromised.

The Subscriber accepts the Clerk’s fee schedule for printed copies of documents and reports.  Any Subscriber action that circumvents the printing fees, depriving the Clerk of revenue to which the Clerk is entitled, is cause for cancellation of the Subscriber’s JeffNet service and may result in action by the Clerk to recover these revenues. Data Mining is strictly prohibited. You may not use bots or similar methods or tools to “data mine” or otherwise gather or extract data from JeffNet.

The Subscriber is responsible for keeping their credit card information current with the Clerk’s fiscal intermediary. JeffNet service will be suspended if your credit card charges are rejected.  There will be a $25 charge to reinstate your service.

Password security is the sole responsibility of the Subscriber.  Any charges resulting from unauthorized use of a password are the responsibility of the Subscriber.

If you decide to cancel your subscription, you can use the account management section of the JeffNet website. If you cancel on or before the 15th of the month your latest $50 monthly subscription fee(s) will be adjusted to $25. Any balance that remains in your account will be refunded, by check by mail, after the end of the month. When you cancel your service your password(s) are immediately deactivated and access to JeffNet is denied.

User ID Information

Each Subscriber is assigned a user code that is exactly six (6) lower case alphabetic characters in length.  User IDs consist of this user code plus a two (2) digit number for each user ID requested.  For example, XYZ Incorporated might request a user code of “xyzinc” and two user IDs, allowing two of their employees to access JeffNet at the same time.  The two assigned user IDs will be “xyzinc01” and “xyzinc02”.

Your credit card will be charged a $100 one-time set-up fee plus an advance deposit amount which is calculated by the number of logins requested.

Statement of Authentication of Electronic Record

Pursuant to La. R.S. 44:40, the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court, in his capacity as clerk of court, and ex officio recorder of mortgages and register of conveyances, makes and retains in his custody by means of microphotographic process, all original acts and/or records thereof, including criminal records, of every kind and nature.

In order to maintain efficient and economical records storage management programs, the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court uses a microphotographic process or an electronic digitizing process capable of reproducing an unalterable image of the original source document for the recordation, filing, and preservation of all existing public records, forms and documents. Satisfactorily identified electronic copies are deemed to be originals and are admissible in evidence in all courts or administrative proceedings in any agency. La. R.S. 44:39

The Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court has established a system and adopted procedures for the electronic filing and storage of pleadings, documents and exhibits. Pursuant to Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure 253 the official record is the electronic record. The pleadings, documents and exhibits which are filed electronically using the JeffNet system become part of the official record at the time of filing. In accordance with the procedures and system established by the Clerk of Court, when paper pleadings, documents and exhibits are filed for record with the Clerk of Court, these pleadings, documents and exhibits are reproduced into electronic digital format and are then stored electronically in the JeffNet system and become part of the official record. The electronic record as displayed on JeffNet is the official, authentic record on file with and maintained by the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court.

The Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court has also adopted, implemented and published a plan for the acceptance of an electronic record of recordable instruments into the mortgage and conveyance records in accordance with the provisions of Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure 258. The plan complies with the Louisiana Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, La. R.S. 9:2601, et seq. Such electronic records are effective with respect to a third person from the time the electronic record is filed as if the written instrument had been filed. These electronic records are stored electronically in the JeffNet system.

In accordance with the Louisiana Children’s Code, when the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court certifies and satisfactorily identifies a microfilmed or electronically digitized report or record, such a report or record shall be deemed to be an original itself and shall be admissible evidence in all courts or administrative proceedings in any agency, regardless of whether the hard copy of the record exists. La. C.Ch. Art. 415B.

By using this Service, you represent that you have read and agree to be bound by all the terms of this Agreement.