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Clerk Prepared for Hurricane Season

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Clerk Prepared for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is upon us. Area residents and businesses are making storm preparations. We at the clerk of court’s office have already done that. Protection of the public record – court records and your property deeds – is crucial. Without access to the real estate records of the clerk of court’s mortgage and conveyance department, financial activities and property transactions come to a halt. Without access to court records, those accused of crimes cannot have speedy trials, which will result in acquittal or conviction and incarceration. And, if records are lost, parties to civil litigation cannot resolve their conflicts.

The clerk’s office had relied on paper documents for recording deeds, mortgages, liens, contracts, corporation filings, marriages, etc. But, in recent years, all that changed; and more than 12 million documents containing over 100 million pages have been electronically imaged in the court and land-records departments. The clerk now receives documents electronically, further decreasing the volume of paper handled by workers and increasing the security of the public record. The end of the maddening paper chase began in 1992 when Jon Gegenheimer was the first clerk of court in Louisiana to establish digital imaging of land records, increasing the ease with which employees and courthouse patrons view and copy recorded instruments. That effort has been greatly expanded to include court records and other documents.

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