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Hurricane Ida filings

During the week of July 31 – August 4, the 24th JDC civil-filing department filed and processed 17,476 filings (many of those Ida related) and imaged 7,837 documents – all in addition to its other filings. That’s quite an accomplishment! It is unprecedented! What they did demonstrates their superior training, work ethic, and commitment to public service. They are shining examples of our motto: “Public Servants Serving the Public.” I congratulate all of them:
1. Mary Najolia – chief civil docket clerk
2. Angela Ingraffia
3. Shelley Mauterer
4. Mandy Plaisance
5. Ty Anderson
6. Jade Gaither
7. Michelle Bruner, who’s leaving us to move to Georgia. We’ll miss her.
8. Michelle Pere, who also pitches in at the information desk.
9. Danielle Savoie
Two retirees – (10) Karen McEvers and (11) Donna Muscarello – helped issue all of those filings. They are invaluable assets to our office. I can’t thank them enough for their loyalty, commitment, and continuing willingness to serve. And, I must also recognize our entire issuing department, which has done a remarkable job:
12. Marilyn Guidry
13. Lisa Cheramie
14. Wendy Gaudet
15. Giselle LeGlue
16. Kim Garland
17. Sulma Cubas
18. Schlise Borne. When her work is finished, she helps to issue without being asked.
I must also commend the rest of the filing office, all those others who contribute to its success every day by completing their work so quickly and efficiently:
Our filing department:
19. Brittany Vitrano
20. Madeline Vetra
21. Jade Cash
22. Abigail Danna
23. Delaney Richard (our newest hire, still in training)
Those minute clerks who take it upon themselves to help with mail and e-files:
24. Wendi Lagasse
25. Mandy Plaisance
26. Alecia LaCour
** All the other minute clerks help in other ways. See below.
Our Returns Department:
27. Deborah Bolotte
28. Courtney Boudreaux
29. Dianne Everage
Information desk:
30. Mary Brisco
31. Patti Sabio, a retiree who has filled in to do a fine job with Mary.
Appeals Department (which processes civil and criminal appeals)
32. Simone Elwood
33. Rachel Olson
34. Phyllis Ledet
The docket clerks, who lend so much support to their people:
35. Scherll Shuff
36. Chantelle Floyd
37. Bridget Calonge
Two other retirees who continue to lend helping hands in their departments:
38. Jay Vincent – Appeals
39. Renee Ehret – Retired minute clerk
** In addition to all of the above, I must thank all the civil and domestic minute clerks, who always lend helping hands despite being busy in the courtrooms.
I hope and pray that I haven’t left anyone out. If I have, please let me know; and I will acknowledge you immediately.
I’ll close by saying: What the civil department did to handle the Ida filings, an extraordinary challenge to our office, is indicative of the dedication and work effort of the entire Clerk’s Office. So, I must take this opportunity to thank every employee throughout the whole office for your solid commitment to public service and for the outstanding work you do every day. I’m very proud of all of you.
Everything we have accomplished demonstrates that prior (strategic) planning and the use of technology as a constructive tool have made our office one of the most efficient, productive, customer-friendly, service-oriented Clerks offices in the nation – as evidenced by the numerous national awards we have received over the years.
Technology aside, I will never forget that our most important asset is you, the great employees who ultimately make everything work. I strive to assure that each of you is treated with the respect you deserve. That’s the motto I live by.
All the best to you and yours,
Jon Gegenheimer