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Free Online Service Notifies Property Owners of Possible Fraudulent Activity

In response to increasing citizen concern about potential exposure of property owners to title fraud, the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court has launched a new online alert service, known as JeffWatch.

“We are happy to launch this new online service for property owners in Jefferson Parish. Our hope is that the alerts will prompt users to quickly identify any possible title theft so they can take immediate action and report the incident as soon as possible,” said Clerk of Court Jon Gegenheimer.

Title fraud, specifically title theft, occurs when someone under a false identity transfers ownership of the true owner’s property to his/her name and then uses the fake title to, among other things, mortgage the property as security for a fraudulent loan.

After signing up for free property-transaction-alerts, a property owner will receive an email alert whenever a document bearing the owner’s personal or business name and/or relating to his/her property is recorded in Jefferson Parish. Notifications will be sent within 24 hours of the document’s recordation. The owner can choose to review any such document(s) via JeffNet, the Clerk of Court’s online Internet service.

For more information about JeffWatch, click HERE.